Work with us

Work with us

Our mission statement is to ‘empower people to achieve their goals and aspirations’ we live this statement with both our clients and staff.

Our humanistic ethos values the personal and professional development of our teams, so we commit substantial resources to training and developing everyone that we work with. Our staff, clients and family members benefit from a significant spectrum of training courses tailored to individual needs, skill sets and career aspirations.

Whether your goal is to pursue a career in the clinical field, progress into management or to further your awareness and understanding in our sector, there are abundant opportunities at New Directions to progress your knowledge, skill set and experience and therefore your career.


Talitha’s story

‘When I first started working for New Directions I was very nervous, as this was my first job, but when I met the clients and got to know my team I immediately realised what a great opportunity I had been given. Over the last year I have been able to learn and grow with the support offered by both my peers and my managers.

Through reflective practise I have learnt a lot about myself and this reflection has helped me to achieve my personal best within my role. I have found that I now have an understanding of what it means to be truly person centred, as I believe this company

does this well with their clients and their staff. I never thought I would have a job I enjoy this much and being able to build such strong connections with my team and the clients is something I have never experienced before. Being able to work in such a safe, loving and kind environment is something I hope to continue to demonstrate throughout my career. I believe that having strong role models within the company, relevant training and opportunities for personal development is the reason I now have the confidence to develop further in to the new Team Leader role and I look forward to continuing to grow with New Directions.’

Talitha – Staff

Emma’s story

Before beginning this role I had no interest in mental health and had no idea what it meant to have a diagnosis of Autism. New Directions has provided me with invaluable training and experiences that have enabled me to progress in to a senior position within the company and to now be striving for a managerial post. I strongly believe my acquired passion for ensuring outstanding care for those who need it would not have developed had I been working anywhere else. This company not only provides top quality support for each of the residents that live in the services but also for every staff member as well.

I have watched this company truly come on in leaps and bounds with the quality and spectrum of support that we are now offering all of our residents within our services (and the many more to come I’m sure). Several staff members have spoken to me about how impressed they are with the amount of training that is provided within the company. Most recently myself and five others have just completed an accredited course which allows us to deliver training to others, which was an opportunity offered out to staff members and to residents.

From a more personal perspective, a few years ago I went through an extremely difficult time in my life which ended with a family bereavement. The company were exceptionally understanding and supportive of my situation, and continue to be so today.

I have had changes in who my Line Manager is but I have always felt listened to and valued. The main reason I have chosen to stay with this company for so long, and the reason I wish to continue my carer progression here, is because of the amazing colleagues that I am lucky enough to be surrounded by.

The health and social care industry can often be a challenging environment to work in and I can understand how many organisations within this field can see a high turnover of staff, as without adequate support it would be easy to become overwhelmed. Being a Team Leader myself I have the responsibility of ensuring staff members have regular supervision so that employees always have an opportunity to discuss any potential difficulties they are facing and equip them with the ‘tools’ to overcome them.

I could write countless more reasons as to why I love my job and working for this company. But I will end with a quote that I think encompasses the ethos of New Directions, pin pointing why it is such an empowering and fulfilling environment to work in – “Culture is simply a shared way of doing something with a passion”.

Emma - Staff
Work with us
Our mission statement is to ‘empower people to achieve their goals and aspirations’ we live this statement with both our clients and staff