Our Mission and Values

Our Mission

To provide outstanding social care in supportive personalised environments, empowering our clients to achieve their goals on their journey to autonomy and independence.

Our Values


Creating new and unique ways to progress our services and the way social care is provided in our community and in our county.


Tailoring support to each individual and adapting to their needs. Being flexible and versatile to support progress and autonomy whilst safely meeting the needs of the people we work with.


Working together with staff and clients in a co-productive way, striving to improve the service and support being provided. Working with external agencies and community organisations to ensure our clients can experience holistic and integrated support from their support team and community services.


Promoting and upholding the dignity, rights, privacy and well-being of everyone we work with in an inclusive and positive way.


Continued staff development and training to ensure our dedicated teams can provide the highest possible standards of support.

We worked closely with clients and staff to co-produce 5 key values that represent our organisation.