For commissioners

Our Total Pathway

Individuals require different levels of support at any given point in their recovery, we reflect this need by:

 Our Total Pathway
Providing a complete community pathway for social care support, from enhanced supported living services right through to outreach support and employment opportunities.
 Our Total Pathway
Supporting clients from discharge from acute psychiatric settings and progressively stepping them down into appropriate environments as they successfully reach a level of autonomy appropriate to them.
 Our Total Pathway
Offering a complete bespoke service delivery, from sourcing and purchasing a property to renovating it to exceptional standards, being ready to provide the service within a short space of time.
Case example 1

In March 2016 we were approached by Hertfordshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (HPFT), with the proposal of opening an enhanced supported living service to provide community support to long-stay hospital patients. The aim of the project was to provide a lesser restrictive community setting for patients who had been in psychiatric care for a considerable number of years and may have historically been placed in now ever decreasing residential settings.

Working with HPFT, we sourced, purchased and renovated a 7 bed property for this purpose which required significant structural work to ensure it was fit for purpose and more importantly successfully providing our clients a safe, supportive and lesser restrictive environment than may otherwise have been available.

We were able to purchase, renovate and open the service in a timeframe of 4.5 months, delivering a saving of almost £500,000 to HPFT, achieving a county high result of 99.6% in our first local authority inspection.

Case example 2

Similarly we sourced and renovated a block of 12 bed flats for the purpose of providing step-down, semi independent supported accommodation for clients in Hertfordshire. Once again we delivered this service in a total timeframe of 4 months, matching savings of almost £500,000 to HPFT and receiving an inspection result of 96% in our first inspection in the service.

For commissioners
Our track record demonstrates our capacity to deliver to an exceptional standard. We continue to explore innovative models of care and support and actively encourage partnership conversations.


Referral information:

Referrals are typically received directly from commissioners or social workers on behalf of a potential client.

If you wish to make a referral or gather more information, please contact us at We aim to reply to all queries within 3 working days.

Should you wish to make a referral to the service, we will initially require the client’s updated risk assessment and support plan and any other relevant documentation.

We will then conduct an initial assessment with the client in person, over the phone or on Skype depending on the method most comfortable to the client.

If you wish to self-refer or refer a family member, please contact us on the enquiries e-mail address above with your contact details and we will get back to you within 3 working days.


The referral process

Initial contact and discussion
Step 1
Receipt of relevant support plans/risk assessments
Step 2
Initial contact made with client to arrange initial assessment
Step 3
Initial assessment conducted
Step 4
Client invited to view potential service
Step 5
Follow up assessments carried out where necessary (ADL assessments for example)
Step 6
Placement decision made and move-in date agreed
Step 7
Transition work to begin to ensure suitable transition to New Directions
Step 8