We believe the term ‘Person Centered’ is used far too loosely in our sector.

We feel there are far too few examples of genuine person centered support in our sector that extends beyond tokenistic gestures.

At New Directions we operate a Co-Production framework across our organisation with a very simple aim: To produce everything with our clients. Whether it’s a risk assessment, a policy or a training course, we acknowledge that our clients are the experts and their opinions, experience and input is invaluable in continuously improving our services and support.


Our Co-Production team, consisting of clients from all services meet fortnightly with senior management to discuss developments, ideas and feedback from peers to help shape our organisation.

We work with our clients to interview potential members of staff, update and review organisational policies, procedures and values, facilitate experts by experience training to our teams and contribute to quarterly newsletters.

What our clients say:

“As a co-production rep I bring across the views of the other clients and make sure that the service meets the client’s needs”

“I am the house representative for Hill End 1, which is an all female supported living service. I was surprised when I got voted as House Rep, as I am quite a bubbly and outgoing person, who at times is a little bit rebellious. However, it’s my passion to help others and indeed make our house better. It is nice to be able to be involved in the ongoing progression of the service, and to work with the clients at my house to make our stay more rewarding and enjoyable.  We still have a long way to go, but on a whole being the House Rep, provides me with the opportunity to put all of the clients views and ideas to the management, which is a rewarding job.”

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